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The dictified word of the day is : potable

Potable \Po"ta*ble\, a. [F., fr. L. potabilis, fr. potare to drink; akin to Gr. po`tos a drinking, po`sis a drink, Skr. p[=a] to drink, OIr. ibim I drink. Cf. {Poison}, {Bib}, {Imbibe}.] Fit to be drunk; drinkable. ``Water fresh and potable.'' --Bacon. -- n. A potable liquid; a beverage. ``Useful in potables.'' --J. Philips. web1913
potable adj : of alcoholic beverages that are suitable for drinking; "it's an impudent young wine but I think you will find it quite potable" n : any liquid suitable for drinking: "may I take your beverage order?" [syn: {beverage}, {drink}, {drinkable}] wn
POTABLE, n. Suitable for drinking. Water is said to be potable; indeed, some declare it our natural beverage, although even they find it palatable only when suffering from the recurrent disorder known as thirst, for which it is a medicine. Upon nothing has so great and diligent ingenuity been brought to bear in all ages and in all countries, except the most uncivilized, as upon the invention of substitutes for water. To hold that this general aversion to that liquid has no basis in the preservative instinct of the race is to be unscientific -- and without science we are as the snakes and toads. devils

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