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The dictified word of the day is : redoubt

Redoubt \Re*doubt"\ (r?*dout"), n. [F. redoute, fem., It. ridotto, LL. reductus, literally, a retreat, from L. reductus drawn back, retired, p. p. of reducere to lead or draw back; cf. F. r['e]duit, also fr. LL. reductus. See {Reduce}, and cf. {Reduct}, {R['e]duit}, {Ridotto}.] (Fort.) (a) A small, and usually a roughly constructed, fort or outwork of varying shape, commonly erected for a temporary purpose, and without flanking defenses, -- used esp. in fortifying tops of hills and passes, and positions in hostile territory. (b) In permanent works, an outwork placed within another outwork. See F and i in Illust. of {Ravelin}. [Written also {redout}.] web1913
redoubt n : a stronghold [syn: {sconce}] wn

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