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Radio Crankypants 18-19 : Not Invented Here

18) That's unfair, really. The Frontier tcp verbs were around long before Apple released their URL Access Manager/Scripting widget. But the Apple widget has done HTTPS for almost three years now; somewhere in the Windows API there is support for HTTPS; still the Frontier kernel still does everything with plain old HTTP. Frontier/Radio, however, does talk AppleScript, which is a mixed blessing if I've ever heard one. Now that Perl ships with OS X I'm even less sure why I would want to :
trywith timeout of before I punch my computer 

     try with "easy to use English syntax" totell application "AppleScript"

           to do fucking anything!!!

        end tellend tryend timeoutend try
But hey, if you can deal with it, it does mean you should be able to do secure XML over HTTP on a Mac. I can't honestly remember the details of passing and returning data between Frontier/Radio and AppleScript, right now, but I know it's possible because I used to call the askPassword OSAX in Frontier 5. I have reached that punch my computer stage in this investigation so I have to stop now but it should all be possible with three scripts : one UserTalk, two AppleScript. The first would take your parameters and figure out whether you were running Classic or OS X. If Classic, then hand off to an AppleScript that calls the Late Night Software widget (you could also do this by hand...if you're insane) otherwise use the built-in methods available under OS X. 19) Why are there no verbs for creating XML-RPC or SOAP messages divorced from those that make the actual HTTP requests?

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