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Radio Crankypants #6-8

6) Where the hell is the glossary? The glossary framework is one of the single most useful things the UserLand gang has ever developed. It was in Manila and if it wasn't in older versions of Radio it should have been. I mean, look, I actually know where the glossary is but why isn't there a web interface? 7) The navigation menu should be a DHTML toolbar. I am already tired of clicking >Prefs >Templates >Home page template. And I might begin to remember what next/prev is supposed to mean, in any given context, in another six months but right now it's just laughable. Both of these things should be a trivial tasks for UserLand by now. The menus are exactly the same as building the menubars for Radio/Frontier on the fly or building, only in HTML. People have been beating on DHTML menus long enough that there really is solid cross browser, cross platform, backwards compatible code available. And the named next/prev linky widget was practically the first thing people learned how to do in Frontier 4! 8) If the CMS behind Radio is supposed to be file-system based why on earth does the file corresponding to this page look like this:

#flHomepage true

#flArchivePage true

#archiveDate "2002/01/12"

<%radio.macros.viewWeblog ()%>

refers to


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