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Radio Crankypants #3 : Well, I got it work on an old Mac.

It appears that the Windows version can't figure out how to start/finish the launch process. By the looks of it, the application starts an http daemon on port 5335 and issues a system command to open a web browser at The form gets sent to...I didn't think to check. Eventually, it ends up n the UserLand servers but I don't know whether it's routed through the desktop application and sent out as an XML-RPC request first. Then the mothership sends back an usernumber which is used to trigger the instantiation of table. I wonder what would happen if I just exported the table out of one copy of Radio and in to another. Could it do syncing and keep track of who was on first in tandem? What about file locking? Anyway, if the application can't start the initial server it just sits there and the only feedback you get is Installing tools... When it "just worked" this morning, I thought maybe there had been a timeout problem because the mothership was being hammered, after the release, but it's the same old thing this morning.

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