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Radio Crankypant #0: Dave Winer, "The next release of Radio has a new content management system, it's file-system-based..."

Which means that the actual CMS could be mounted remotely via Samba and a mod_perl Apache::Radio framework could be written if you wanted to use Radio for the editing but not for serving. Interesting. It is too bad that this setup will not (?) work via WebDAV, because then you could create a whole series of mod_perl handlers to transform/propagate changes to files as they are written to disk. This would allow you to build a group weblog where user foo could use Radio, user bar Movable Type (with some hacks; I've been meaning to figure out how hard it would be to add a callback framework - gak! must... write...footnote...code...) and user hello-world Zope. For that matter, user luddite could use the filesystem and a word processor. Interesting. Stick that in yer John Robb pipe and smoke it ;-) see also : Filesys::SmbClient and LocalFS (Zope)

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