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Saturday, January 05 2002

My mother : "Iím looking out my hotel window, looking east at the full moon

just rising between the roof and spires of a Buddhist temple, a wat, and the stupa-like Independence Monument. The moon is low and orange against the blue-grey sky. The red and blue lights that illuminate the Monument in bands representing the flag of Cambodia are becoming clearer as the daylight falls. ... I live in Phnom Penh now."

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Me : 0.1

The girl with a not so hidden agenda wondered aloud this morning :
[W]ho in the hell does the word of the day??? agitprop??? gah!
And while I confess to not being entirely sure what she's talking about it did remind me that I had written a whole whack of code for munging the data files at Since then, however, they've rejigged their back-end but with a little help from the mighty mighty HTML::Parser I was able to whip up a package that exports a single class method named random which returns a hash reference :

asc @ localhost in /home/asc/bin/perl/pseudodict

144 ->./parse-random

$VAR1 = {

          'example' => 'ex. My new job allows me to clock dollars.',

          'permalink' => '',

          'submitter' => 'Jerome Greco',

          'id' => '5911',

          'www' => '',

          'word' => 'clock dollars'


I fear that if 2001 was the year of writing code, 2002 is going to be the year of the pedant...

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Libby Miller : A walk through an RSS 1.0 calendar

"My feeling is that for iCalendar in RDF to be usable, a huge file describing every aspect of it is not what's needed. Instead I've started to split it up into smallers parts, starting with the properties and classes I've used most often when trying to describe meetings, conferences and so on - I've called this the 'core' set."

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The random word of the day is : predonistic

ex. The cheerleader walked by her "old crowd" of friends, sticking her nose up with a predonistic flare as she wrapped her arm around her new boyfriend. OR The pop star ignored the little girl asking for an autograph, predonistically waving her away.
submitted by Francesca

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The dict-ified word of the day is agitprop

| source : wn | agitprop n : a person who disseminates messages calculated to assist some cause or some government [syn: {propagandist}]

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