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The Connection : Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly

"[T]he New Yorker's arts editor, have been living for the past three months on the threshold of unfamiliar images. In September, downtown New York was eloquently captured by their collaboration, a black-on-black New Yorker cover, broken only by one, now-ghostly antenna. More images have followed, along with despair at their inadequacy, and triumph at their ability to communicate the deepest feelings in the simplest way." Apropos of nothing, and notwithstanding the Connection vs. Christopher Lydon curfluffle (sp?!), it was very nice to turn on the radio, while stuck in traffic on Storrow Drive over Thanksgiving, and hear Dick Gordon's voice again. I remember hearing the announcement that he was leaving the CBC for The Connection and thinking that it was "our" loss. And then I spaced it until last month, suffering in my own private agony listening to the touchy-feely, sickly-sweet, it's all about me drivel that Sheilagh Rogers has turned This Morning into. Thank you, Internet radio. Thank you. see also :

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