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Monday, December 17 2001

The dict-ified word of the day is excrescence

| source : web1913 | Excrescence \Ex*cres"cence\n. [F. excrescence, excroissanse, L. excrescentia excrescences, neut. pl. of p. pr. of excrescere. See {Excrescent}.] An excrescent appendage, as, a wart or tumor; anything growing out unnaturally from anything else; a preternatural or morbid development; hence, a troublesome superfluity; an incumbrance; as, an excrescence on the body, or on a plant. ``Excrescences of joy.'' --Jer. Taylor. The excrescences of the Spanish monarchy. --Addison. | source : wn | excrescence n 1: something that protrudes [syn: {bulge}, {bump}, {hump}, {gibbosity}, {gibbousness}, {jut}, {prominence}, {protuberance}, {protrusion}, {extrusion}] 2: an abnormal outgrowth or enlargement of some part of the body

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