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Dave Winer : Success in software

"As long as people expect software to be free, it will be unusable crap. If you believe people will sweat over user interface details with no hope of being paid, you'll wait a long time for nirvana, imho." Dave, please, stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You can't really expect the GPL-keeners to stop painting all commercial developers with the same brush when you do the same thing in the other direction. It sounds like you are confusing user interfaces with reliabilty and functionality. No one is going to argue that BIND or httpd.conf files are difficult to understand and set up (or that Unix-weenies, as a whole, ha...(I think I am going to have to build a footnotes widget for posts) a unique design sensibility) but no one is going to take you seriously if you are saying that they are "unusuable crap". Most of the Internet is built, and runs, on "unusuable crap" that lots of people sweat over with "no hope [or expectation] of being paid" for. These are not the nails you are looking for; move along, now. Update : It appears that Dave has retracted his comments, so you'll just have to take my word that the quote is accurate. I have left the link on the off-chance that it will suddenly point to something, again.

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