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Movable Thoughts #13

MT builds with a handy template variable called $MTCommentAuthorLink$ with automagically tags a name with some kind of URI, if present. You can configure MT to force people to include an email address when they submit a comment which, notwithstanding the ubiquitous, is understandable. You can also include an optional URI. The problem is that if you disallow anonymous comments and a user doesn't have, or doesn't include, a URL their email address gets stuck into the anchor tag. This is just bad form given the volume of spam-bots scraping the web. There are two hacks around this problem. The first is to update all your templates and change $MTAuthorCommentLink$ to $MTCommentAuthor$, but this has the side-effect of never including an author's URL which may be cause for further annoyance. The second is to alter the conditional by hand, at lines 412-414, in Neither of these options are really very satisfying, though. Rather, this should be a configurable option in the mt.cfg file; something like MTCommentsAtNoSpam. Unfortunately, none of the objects contained in the MT::Template::Context object contain instances of the MT::ConfigMgr object. In the days to come, I will submit a bugfix to pass $app->{ "cfg" } as an argument to the constructor...

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