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Notes from the "Art Is Your Friend" department : Paging Dr. Brute

Who is this Elizabeth Nickson at the National Post? Check her column in the Nov.2 edition of that paper. And I have to know, Eric Metcalfe--has been or cutting edge?

...I've heard of Elizabeth Nickson before but I couldn't tell you much about her. The Post is a goofy right-wing paper, founded by a crank publishing magnate who eventually gave up his Canadian citizenship so he could get peerage in the British House of Lords, that would like nothing more than to see Canada dismantled and become a protectorate of the U.S. In fairness, they do have a pretty broad stable of columnists but they specialize in right-wing nutbars.

As for Dr. Brute, never heard of him. I'm sure if I'd signed up for Revolutionary Post-Modern Canadian Art Theory class I would have had to write a paper on him.

But as silly as Ms. Nickson's position may be -- though not without some merit, no one said government funding meant paying for 75% of an organization's operating budget -- I find myself more annoyed with Mr. Metcalfe. That he apparently couldn't find it in himself to stand there and argue the benefits of state-sponsored support for the arts is pretty damning all by itself.

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