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Movable Thoughts #9

By default, Movable Type creates new files with permissions of 0666. It should be common knowledge what I think about this, by now. So I will just point out that this is the place where a person's belief in the inate goodness of others is put the test. Your sysadmin may also yell at you. I've sent in some bug fixes which I'm told will be included with the next release. For the time being, if you're running MT through a cgiwrapper that sets uid as user "you", you can tweak this by hand without too much trouble. In, you'll want to change the following...
  • Add umask(0022) in sub _rebuild_entry_archive_type, at line 126-ish
  • Comment out chmod ... in in sub _rebuild_entry_archive_type, at lines 225-226
  • Add umask(0022) in sub rebuild_indexes, at line 235-ish
  • Comment out chmod ... at sub rebuild_indexes, at lines 267-268
...and in
  • Add umask(0027) in sub _tie_db_file, at line 37-ish note the slightly draconian permissions. this is predicated on the assumption that there is no reason that any one but you should be looking at the MT DBM files
  • Comment out if ($created){ chmod ... } in sub _tie_db_file, at lines 40-42
Note, that these are quick hacks. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide if they want to store the old umask and then reset after creating files (good practice, probably unnecessary). Following that, you should "rebuild" your files and then chmod your old database files, by hand.

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