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Movable Thoughts #0-4

So, I finally got around to installing a copy of Movable Type. It's quite nice. That said, a few things jump out at me right away. 0) There really needs to be a proper discussion about the kind of madness required to chmod anything 0777 and a great big link to cgiwrap 1) The mt-load script should redirect to an mt-loaded script which unlinks the former. It may not be polite to say, but if it's really that important you shouldn't leave it for a user to do. 2) Convention says that pathnames for directories do not contain a trailing slash. I don't much care if people want to buck convention, but it would be nice if they did with some consistency. 3) Apparently, default templates only come "out of the box" with the default "my first blog" blog. WTF is up with that?! If they come in the box, just copy them into subsequent blogs! MT has write permissions which is more than alot of people can say for themselves. Why do I need to visit the MT site just to copy and paste HTML out of a form window? 4) Why did v 1.0 ship with the inability to delete blogs? Was this some kind of philosophical thing? Otherwise, it's quite nice so far. I look forward to going through the code. It warms my heart to see stuff like this in the changelog: * Ran all scripts with taint mode on (-T), and fixed all warnings and errors.

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