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David Rees : "I think one of the frustrating things for a lot of people in this situation

is you just donít even know what to hope for. Itís not like I had this un-ambiguous thing of ĎOh my god, we must stop bombing and turn it over to the World Court.í So these were more just personal comics about how Iíd been feeling about the whole situation. And I was drinking heavily when I made them, frankly. Iíve gone through a lot of Jim Beam in the evenings, because Iíve been working whole days in a midtown Manhattan office, listening to sirens and re-booting, which is like the worst thing you can do to yourself psychologically." I'm not really sure what to make of the power of pop-culture comment -- wonder twin powers, anyone? -- but there you go.

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I've been wating patiently for someone else to say it ←††→ The dict-ified word of the day is disport