"I work in a firm that uses Netscape as its front-line webserver, but I prefer to code my Perl using mod_perl rather than CGI. I also have an account on an internal Apache server running mod_perl, but I don't have admin rights to restart the webserver while I'm developing code [nor am I allowed to run my own copy of Apache]. I also like to develop web applications that *will* run on a CGI platform, but will run *very fast* on a mod_perl platform. The solution? Emulate mod_perl within the CGI environment. It's slower than traditional CGI, but you can develop for both platforms and deploy to mod_perl once your code is finished." Interesting. This is still "straight outta beta" so I'm not sure I want to use it for anything serious yet. That said, it may be worth porting setuid cgi-scripts on the, admittedly, dim hope that mod_perl will someday be able to set uid.