| source : web1913 | Chimera \Chime"ra\, n.; pl. {Chimeras}. [L. chimaera a chimera (in sense 1), Gr. ? a she-goat, a chimera, fr. ? he-goat; cf. Icel. qymbr a yearling ewe.] 1. (Myth.) A monster represented as vomiting flames, and as having the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. ``Dire chimeras and enchanted isles.'' --Milton. 2. A vain, foolish, or incongruous fancy, or creature of the imagination; as, the chimera of an author. --Burke. | source : wn | Chimera n 1: (Greek mythology) fire-breathing she-monster with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail; daughter of Typhon [syn: {Chimera}, {Chimaera}] 2: a grotesque product of the imagination [syn: {chimaera}] | source : foldoc | Chimera A modular, {X Window System}-based {World-Wide Web} {browser} for {Unix}. Chimera uses the {Athena} {widget} set so {Motif} is not needed. Chimera supports forms, inline images, {TERM}, {SOCKS}, {proxy server}s, {Gopher}, {FTP}, {HTTP} and local file accesses. Chimera can be extended using external programs. New {protocol}s can easily be added and alternate image formats can be used for inline images (e.g. {PostScript}). Version 1.60 is available for {(ftp://ftp.cs.unlv.edu/pub/chimera)}. {Home (http://www.unlv.edu/chimera/)} Chimera runs on {Sun} {SPARC} {SunOS} 4.1.x, {IBM} {RS/6000} {AIX} 3.2.5, {Linux} 1.1.x. It should run on anything with {X11}R[3-6], {imake} and a {C} compiler. (1994-11-08)