I can say, from experience, that the Spreadsheet::* modules are a wonk's best friend if you work in a Normal Office. I am not particularly well suited to the Normal Office enviroment and have actively worked to avoid it. Last year, though, it came to pass and, on my first day, I was given a quick glimpse of what was to come. I went to a meeting to discuss the UI for a website. The site was frames-based and after being made to understand that it was too late to change, I piped up and said, "Well, we atleast need a print button to spawn a new window for the main frame." Not exactly rocket science, eh?. The response to the inevitable desire of Joe User to create a hard-copy of a webpage? Oh, we can just email them a Word document. Only later did I come to understand the strange and twisted relationship people have with their spreadsheet software... see also : The Perl Journal on Spreadsheet::WriteExcel and Integrating Perl into Microsoft Office Innards