Robert, where do these comments come from? We have these conversations where your replies just don't seem to map to anything I've actually said. I saw what happened. I am angry, too. I'm not angry because America was the target. I would be just as angry if the victims were French or Iranian or Chinese. I might be a little more surprised but no less angry. (It may be hard for Americans to really grok how, or why, they are on so many people's shit-list, but that is another long and complicated conversation.) I am angry because some people think flying planes into skyscrapers is a way to make their voice heard or solve a problem or just generally be assholes. Are you asking me if I think it should be left unanswered or go unpunished, or that I'm suggesting we turn the other cheek? No. But, I will say that I can not tolerate what you are, or were then, advocating as a response. To paint an entire people with the same brush and assign them all the same fate? Is that what you are suggesting? I have little confidence that persons as individuals, and especially not as a collective, can simply turn the kind of vengeance and retribition you are describing off and on, like hot and cold running water. Even that it were possible, we should know better than that by now, sadly. It is the point of no return and it betrays everything we struggle to aspire towards every day. And it feeds in to the hands of those who attack you. You become that which you hate. I do not have the answer for this one, Robert. I'm sorry. I might sleep easier if I did. And it is made so, so, so much worse by the fact that there may not be any there there, in the conventional sense, on which to seek justice. Like everyone else, I continue to search for the right thing to do. But in the absence of that answer, I do know what I think the wrong thing to do is.