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The dict-ified word of the day is profuse

| source : web1913 | Profuse \Pro*fuse"\, v. t. To pour out; to give or spend liberally; to lavish; to squander. [Obs.] --Chapman. | source : web1913 | Profuse \Pro*fuse"\, a. [L. profusus, p. p. of profundere to pour forth or out; pro forward, forth + fundere to pour: cf. F. profus. See {Fuse} to melt.] 1. Pouring forth with fullness or exuberance; bountiful; exceedingly liberal; giving without stint; as, a profuse government; profuse hospitality. A green, shady bank, profuse of flowers. --Milton. 2. Superabundant; excessive; prodigal; lavish; as, profuse expenditure. ``Profuse ornament.'' --Kames. Syn: Lavish; exuberant; bountiful; prodigal; extravagant. Usage: {Profuse}, {Lavish}, {Prodigal}. Profuse denotes pouring out (as money, etc.) with great fullness or freeness; as, profuse in his expenditures, thanks, promises, etc. Lavish is stronger, implying unnecessary or wasteful excess; as, lavish of his bounties, favors, praises, etc. Prodigal is stronger still, denoting unmeasured or reckless profusion; as, prodigal of one's strength, life, or blood, to secure some object. --Dryden. | source : wn | profuse adj : produced or growing in extreme abundance; "their riotous blooming" [syn: {exuberant}, {lush}, {luxuriant}, {riotous}]

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