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The dict-ified word of the day is intrepid

| source : web1913 | Intrepid \In*trep"id\, a. [L. intrepidus: cf. F. intr['e]pide. See {In-} not, and {Trepidation}.] Not trembling or shaking with fear; fearless; bold; brave; undaunted; courageous; as, an intrepid soldier; intrepid spirit. Syn: Fearless; dauntless; resolute; brave; courageous; daring; valiant; heroic; doughty. | source : wn | intrepid adj : invulnerable to fear or intimidation; "audacious explorers"; "fearless reporters and photographers"; "intrepid pioneers" [syn: {audacious}, {brave}, {dauntless}, {fearless}, {unfearing}]

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