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I think that the Talking Moose is starting to sound like it's gotten punch drunk

on being (not without merit) the flavour of the week. Aside from the fact that this argument, at worst, just doesn't make any sense or, at best, is simply juvenile -- designers need to adapt, I think -- it is eerily reminiscent of equally shrill claims made in 1996. Designers were also said to be "irrelevant" back then and so much the better because everybody would be liberated by the promise of self-publishing on the web. Sure; so long and thanks for all the <blink /> tags, dude. Having written and designed (no less) my fair share of content management widgets and templating systems I will concede that there often real benefit in being able to hacks things, but that's a much larger issue than writing for the web. The real reason is that CMS' are, past a certain point, just another one (okay, maybe three or four) size fits all lock-in. Only this time with a web-interface. And the only way to get your work done is by tweaking the fucking tool. Hello? Wakey wakey.

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