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Pierre Audet : "Canada is a cow where the milk of democracy leaks,

and we must admit that it's in Quebec where we find the cream of freedom of expression." There is a provincial bi-election in my riding next month and Mr. Audet is the Bloc Pot candidate. Montreal's current mayor ran on a platform of little more than pledging to plant lots of flowers -- we got the flowers but we also got bi-laws legislating the size of our garbage bags -- so it is little surprise that Mr. Audet would offer up a plan to build lots of rooftop greenhouses so that "Montreal will look like a garden from the sky." On the other hand, he claims to want to cut funding for public-transportation in half which pretty much guarantees he won't get my vote and make me think he's been smoking some pretty skanky bud. Meanwhile, will someone please buy the Mirror a proper CMS or atleast tell the web-weenies to start giving the pages on their website unique addresses. You know, something simple like a uniform resource identifier. "news7.html", indeed...

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