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Geeks R Us : "The file is locked!

Yes it seems that the Finder locking is in a layer lower than the Unix POSIX layer, so not even root can muck with files that are locked. Simply select the file in the Finder, choose Show Info from the File menu, and uncheck 'Locked'. " Leave it to Apple to NIH-ify the whole idea of root... Meanwhile, I sent the link to some unix-weenies, smarter than I, that I work with and this is a snippet of the discussion to date:

"There does exist another layer of markers on the filesytem, that you don't tend to run into very often. [T] is encouraging you to read the man page for the ufs tool, chflags, which gives access to things like "immutable flag". I suspect [T] has learned that "finder info" is actually working on filesystem flags.

"You can further make things painful by running most BSD's in a state where flags cannot be changed (I've never done it). This means that if you install your new kernel in single user, flag it as immutable, and run the system in secure mode: you will force any intruder to put the system into single user before /kernel (and any other binaries so flagged) can be changed or deleted."

see also : man chflags

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