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It's too bad that RadioUserland doesn't seem to talk WebDAV.

Apparently, Frontier 6 does but I can't seem to find any kind of useful information about it on the various Userland websites. It's fine, I suppose, to transfer files using plain old FTP for purely personal use but it really doesn't cut it if you're in any kind of environment where the network weenies are paranoid unix security freaks. With WebDAV you could mount group X's "weblog" folder on the desktop and configure the web server to rewrite all DAV requests for said folder to port 443. Maybe then you might get a thousand flowers blooming. Similarly, if you could edit OPML files in place (the server) then they could be rendered, view-only in the browser, willy-nilly using stylesheets. Maybe then people wouldn't look at you cross-eyed when you said the word outliner. I can believe that things will change and the web will fulfill the dream of happy happy personal publishing. I don't think it will happen, though, until all the high-school bloggers who've grown up with this stuff, and are routinely slagged for their navel gazing but for whom blogging is second nature, are running the world. Until then, the sad truth is that the Internet/web revolution, in the most peoples minds, has been some combination of the following three things : free porn, cheap airline tickets and six people emailing the same Word document to one another 45 times in a single day.

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