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Tuesday, February 20 2001

Amy Benfer : "Talking to Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez about their work

is like asking them to describe the women they love most. The brothers grew up in Oxnard, Calif., with their mother, a rabid comic book collector who suffered so greatly when her own mother threw out her comic books that she vowed that her children would have all the comic books they desired. She even let them read comics at the dinner table (though she stopped reading "Love and Rockets," says Jaime, "because it got a little too racy for her.")" Although the delicate mix of rabid, fawning fanboydom and the pretentiousness of someone who "studies" comic books (go on, say it : co-mic bo-ok, com-ic book, comic book!) in the serial graphic novel section at Barnes and Noble make this piece almost unbearble, go now and read it and then this. Then go buy some comic books....

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