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Feed : "Joe Wenderoth's Letters to Wendy's

is made up of a series of comments written over the course of a year on Wendy's customer-feedback cards. Wendy's asks its customers to "TELL US ABOUT YOUR VISIT," and Wenderoth spares no detail, from fantasy couplings with its nubile mascot to the challenges of ordering after ingesting marijuana brownies. ... The mechanistic rituals and the bland, uniform settings of the fast-food transaction have become so naturalized that we're not even aware of them until something disturbs the artificial tranquility -- like Wenderoth replying "Daddy fucked me!" when another man in line grouses that "You'd think they had to grow the potatoes!" " I worked at the Wendy's across the street from the Forum for four days when I was sixteen. Notable memories include : 1) Desperately wanting to cry out "reality check" when the stupid buzzer over the oven went off and the first plebe to reset it had to yell "quality check!". 2) The weirdo manager-guy from the franchise on Peel excitedly telling me that they could prepare a burger in 9 seconds flat after it was ordered. He was also the guy who, after I left, told me earnestly that I wasn't cut out fot fast food. 3) The other weirdo manager-guy who showed me how to use the french fryer. 4) The day I cooked 500 strips of bacon before 8AM.

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