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It figures I would see Happy Birthday Barbie

the same night I went out without my camera. I was walking home from the bagel store past one of the many dusty nondescript and almost always empty bakeries that dot the city. The bakeries that make the soft and squishy buns served in restaurants and bake the wacky Liberace wedding cakes and displayed proudly in the window. This place has always been pretty tame when it comes to cakes. Nothing like the bakery on the Main that once had a cake decorated as a soccer field, complete with little plastic soccer players. But tonight, there she was : Happy Birthday Barbie. She was a full size doll and with heavy makeup and some sort of sparkling top. There she stood, with her little Barbie hands that seem to be simultaneously saying "Take me with you" and "All is forgiven" wearing a giant white bell gown made of...cake.


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