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The Globe and Mail : "When Stockwell Day held up a magic-markered

sign saying "No 2-tier health care," decorum disappeared from the studio where political spinners sat watching last night's debate. ... Mr. Day was breaking the rules, and even his own advisers groaned audibly when he produced the crudely handmade sign. He hadn't consulted with them about the prop, and they knew immediately it was a bad idea." It's not just his politics that bother me. The problem with Stockwell Day is that he appears to have no appreciation for the subtleties of life. He's like that annoying brainiac you went to school with. The one who devoured encyclopaedia cover to cover and thought, not only, that he knew all the answers because of it but that it afforded him the right to lord it over you. The one with whom it was impossible to have any kind of intelligent or thoughtful discussion because the idea of conversation meant only an exchange of facts and statistics, devoid of any consideration for the other's point of view, designed to prove the error of your thinking. That, and he has terrible hand-writing.

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