This reminds me of the contruction site in downtown Montreal when Les Promenades De La Cathedrale was built in 1987. The giant pink skyscraper went up directly behind Christ Church Cathedral whose entire foundation was removed to make room for a shopping mall and parking lot. the church on stilts "Resembling a giant ship in dry-dock, passers-by were arrested by the church's "floating" appearance; some were even heard to say "You wouldn't catch me going in there!". Sidewalk superintendents were numerous and eloquent - explaining their accurate (and not-so-accurate) engineering ideas to anyone who would listen." I once sang at Christ Church, with the FACE Senior Treble Choir, during the short year that I was still a soprano in high school. The tower's developers were granted a 99 year lease on the property, and when that expires the whole shebang falls under the ownership of the Anglican Church. If you've ever seen Jesus de Montreal and wondered about the building with the pyramids that gets all those lingering panoramic shots, it's Les Promenades De La Cathedrale. via YULblog