Aside from the fact that the site seems to be little more than an exercise in gratuitous plug-in usage, it is almost completely forgetable. I remember seeing a link to the site from the main CBC site a couple months ago. The link disappeared a day later --bad-- but even worse, until Michael and Ed each mentioned it a couple days ago I could not for the life of me *remember* what the site was called. 180 seconds ... no, maybe 90 ... well, it's a bunch of something .. oh forget it. 120 seconds?? I've been known to be a little dense sometimes, occasionally describing Montreal as an island surrounded by water, but I can't see any connections here. Two minutes of what, exactly? Is it supposed to represent the attention span of their target audience? Maybe instead of buying all the propellor heads new versions of Flash to make the site still more annoying, the CBC could spend some money promoting the damn thing and telling us what it is.