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Last night, I went down to the Jazz Fest

with someone from the States. As we entered the festival area we saw a guy getting his bag patted down. I commented that there was no free beer here, only four dollar piss-water in plastic cups. My friend looked at me and said: "Beer? I thought they were checking for guns." In other news, we caught the tail end of Alex Pangman's set and discovered that Yeska are doing outdoor shows on the 3rd and 4th. Yippeee! For those of you unable to come to Montreal, the U of M student radio station has donated their airwaves to something called Radio-Jazz Bell "qui vous fera vibrer au son du Festival." (real evil g2) I feel obliged to mention that the Jazz Fest has a website but it is Shockwave nightmare that makes up for its lack of streaming feeds and webcams with popup windows. You've been warned.


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