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Complain and you shall receive*

The eyebeam application converts eyemodule files to firepad (nee image viewer) files. The imgvtopgm tool converts firepad files to pgm files at which point there is the trusty convert program for making web images. Now I just need to figure out how to mail firepad images as attachments... *When I was a small boy I used to get mad some fierce when I was playing with my Lego and building a complicated model. I would need to find that one tiny connector without which the whole effort was moot. It didn't take long before I was smashing the few unfortunate pieces I could see and screaming blue murder for the guily party to stop hiding and show itself right now! Eventually I found it because, well, it was right there. Still, I never really let go of the idea that it was my screaming that had made it appear.

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