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I swore I would never learn C.

I bought an eyemodule. Every once in a while I get niche-marketed so well that I set aside all my bile and hatred and general misgivings of humanity to become the model consumer; I bought one of these as soon as I heard about them. I don't know much about the guts of the PalmOS but I do know that everything is stored magic Palm databases. Deep down, I knew this when I bought the camera but it was still a huge let down when I realized that I could use network apps to talk to the Network and I could use the camera to take pictures but there is still no easy way to make the two play together. I want to be able to take pictures on the road and email them to others *while* I'm on the road. It's a PDA for crying out load! Okay, so the Palm doesn't grok JPEGs (bad) but there is no way for me to "talk" to the cameras image database from another Palm app without rolling my own. If I could then I would be able to send MIME-encoded gibberish to a mailbot and only have to munge stuff once. I'm not sure who I'm pointing fingers at, but I want to point them at someone because I really don't want to learn C....


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