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Yesterday was rough

I peeled on my bicycle, stepped on a rusty nail, spilled wine at a party, cleaned up everyone else's broken beer bottles and wrestled with demons to the soul-crushing sounds of the 80's. I peeled when I lost control on my bike and started riding the curb. Normally when you ride the curb it's an opportunity to collect yourself and ease back on to the road; I just fell over. I poked my foot after the rusty nail got lodged in the foam of my sneaker just waiting for me to stomp stomp stomp on the shovel I was using to turn over old and hardened soil. Not entirely clear on when I had my last tetanus shot, I learned alot about the bacteria it protects against when I discovered my doctor's phone number is no longer in service. The wine part wasn't so bad as much as it was a Jack Tripper moment. Fortunately, no one in the crowd I travel with has wall to wall carpeting (remind me to tell you about the Yuppie Fortress where I slept on the floor for eight months) so the damage was easily fixed with a napkin or two but gave me enough time to think about falling off my bike again. Picking up after every one was more a function of being around and knowing where the broom was. Of course, in my mind I heard the deafening chorus of "Jack Tripper Jack Tripper" as I walked past the people who didn't know me but only ever saw me with a dustpan full of glass. And the last part? That's all you're gonna hear about it, though I will take the opportunity to point out that the 80's still suck.


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