Well, the new code is up and I will spend the next day(s) watching the error logs. Courtesy the More-Art-Less-Words Department, you can now display listings by individual entry, by day, by category as well as several in popular European translations. I am also thinking that I would like to create a Gutenbook version but that may just be a reaction to all the blather about the popularity of The Scary One's recent ebook. Like you, I asked myself -- at three o'clock in the morning -- what the hell the point of all this goofy stuff is ( I added hooks for a spell-checker, no less ) and the best answer I came up with was hack value. Then I started thinking you could do an interesting sociology / anthropology class on the subject of hack value but I finally went to bed. Anyway, as I write this I've already found a bug with the display mechanism for older entries. I expect the week will be a bit bumpy, but please let me know if and when stuff breaks. Thanks. Note : the various XML syndication files should be ready in a day or two and it will surely take longer to populate all the many category entries.