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Azby Brown : Aqua borrows heavily from Kai Krause

Meanwhile, David Every considers The Dock : "But then we come to a bigger question: Is the Dock for showing running applications, or is it a launcher? Jobs showed the Dock as both. At times, he dropped aliases into the Dock, saying it was a great place to keep things you need to launch regularly. However, the Dock also gained icons automatically whenever something was launched or opened. To add to the confusion, icons were constantly reordering themselves, never staying in a "familiar" place. And what the hell is the Trash doing in the dock? How does that add clarity to the interface? You don't drag things to the Dock to delete them. They blew the whole desktop metaphor with that mess. One behavior per Dock, please." It's starting to sound like OS X might just be one big disco inferno...

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