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Monday, December 20 1999

I've got the re-install blues

so today, I'll let the Bendypig speak for me.


If you already think webcams are weird

you might want to sit down for this.


MacWorld reviews the Handspring Visor

My mother taught me not to be an impulse shopper, so it is fitting that my one spur of the moment purchase should be a Visor. I'd love to tell you about it but, despite having called in October, my order has yet to be processed. Based on my experience so far, Handspring appears to be populated by clever clever engineers and managers whose incompetence is already the stuff of legend. In my last conversation with the support-weenies I learned three interesting facts: 1) tracking numbers for orders aren't assigned until a unit leaves the warehouse (okay.) 2) said information takes "about 3 days to be entered into the Handspring databases" (you sell productivity hardware, right?) 3) since orders are being FedEx-ed, I would probably receive my order before the support-weenies knew anything about it (this begs the question.) I won't cancel my order but I certainly won't recommend the stupid thing to anyone; I can only imagine this is what the people at Handspring want.

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