Let me tell you a story: During the last referendum campaign, I was studying in Toronto. At the start of the debate, I had no questions about voting No. Because I was living out of province, I had to vote 2 weeks early and I wish that I hadn't because by the day of the vote I wasn't so sure of my decision. Okay, it's unlikely that I would ever vote for a pig as insolent and arrogant as Jacques Parizeau, but after two months of listening the The Rest of Canada's take on the sovereignty debate I had real questions about who I wanted to live with. Two months of moaning about "my" country being destroyed and, mean-spirited discussion of sticking it to Quebec and finally the brain-dead, self congratulatory love-in without a word towards any of the legitimate greivances led to the sovereignty movement. It was like trying to talk to a child in the middle of a temper tantrum. I would still have voted no --I like to think Canada mostly works, most of the time, for most of the people-- but I went home on the night of the vote and, like many others, I will stay in Montreal if Quebec chooses to secede.