Design Issues and Technical Challenges Making the Eatdrinkfeelgood Markup Languge RDF-Friendly

Aaron Straup Cope

Hi, my name is Aaron

When I am not writing code, I am usually in the kitchen

Eatdrinkfeelgood Markup Language

Maximum reusability
Allow for higher-order functions
The View source rule

Why RDF?

Formalized grammar
Increased flexibility and extensibility
Ontologies and unambiguous referents

Why not RDF — Parsers

Use Java is not an answer

Why not RDF — XML

Whither RDF/XML C14N?
Plays poorly with XSLT
Breaks XInclude

Why not RDF — URIs

URIs are not required to be resolvable
I am not a number!


Unlikely to be RDF
Modify the language to more easily map to RDF
XSLT 2.0 to the rescue?