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    s60-upcalendar - sync your watchlist with your calendar

     Phone > My own > Python > Options > Run script >

    s60-upcalendar is an application to sync your "watchlist" on with your calendar.

    The following options can be acccessed from the application's Options

  Merge your watchlist
    Perform the merge to add items on your watchlist to your

    If an event already exists in your calendar it will be updated with the
    most recent information. Past events are not removed.

  Set default alarm
    Set a default alarm to be assigned to all items added to your calendar.
    The format for alarms is a number followed by one of the following :

    * m The number of minutes prior to an event that an alarm should sound.

    * h The number of hours prior to an event that an alarm should sound.

    * d The number of days prior to an event that an alarm should sound.

    To disable alarms, enter *0*. Your watchlist will need to be re-merged
    in order for charges to your alarm preferences to stick.

  Change your auth token
    Please read the AUTHENTICATION section below.

  Purge metro and venue cache
    upcalendar caches both metro and venue data for faster updates. You may
    purge this cache if you think that some of the data is out of sync.

    The Upcoming API uses 'tokens' for user authentication, instead of your
    username and password.

    Tokens are like passwords, in that each is unique to a user. Unlike
    passwords they are often very long and composed of, basically,
    gibberish. This is great because it makes them hard to guess but not so
    great because they are difficult to enter and users still need to log in
    to a website in order to get a token. Both things that are irritating on
    cell phones.

    With that in mind the best thing to do, to set up an authentication
    token for upcalendar, is to sit with your phone the next time you go to and visit this URL :

    This page will display a custom authentication 'frob' which is a
    time-sensitive key to get a proper authentication token.

    When you are prompted to configure your auth token in upcalender select
    'Enter auth frob by hand' and type in the frob. ` *This is a boring
    thing to do have to do* but you should only have to do it once. It is
    also better to do it this way than to try and do the same from your
    phone's web browser.

    (And if you want to, upcalendar will let you.)

  Series 60 Python

  PDIS Python extensions

    (Specifically the ElementTree/XPath bits)


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    This is free software, you may use it and distribute it under the same
    terms as Perl itself.