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     Phone > My own > Python > Options > Run script >

    A Series 60 Python application for merging links tagged with
    'restobook' with your address book. The merge is unidirectional from

  Merge your restobook
    Connect to and retrieve posts tagged 'restobook' merging
    them with your address book.

  Define a tag filter
    Define one or more tags, in addition to 'restobook', to filter the list
    of posts to merge.

  Add to your restobook
    Post a restaurant to "Post" meaning entering a name that
    will be used to construct a temporary URL to store. For example, if you
    entered "Bob's Diner" the application will store the following :

     url :'s Diner
     description : restobook
     tags : restobook:unfiled
     shared : no

    This is just a simple "note-taking" feature, with the idea that you will
    fill in the details at some later date. You may also define additional
    tags for the post.

  Search your restobook
    Search your address book for contacts marked 'restobook'. You may define
    searches using one or more of the aggreagated tags for all the contacts
    marked 'restobook'.

  Set Y! Local location
    If defined restobook will try to search Y! Local for entries matching
    the term you've defined when you posting a resturant. If the query is
    successful, you will be prompted to choose one of them and it will be
    used to pre-populate as much data as possible; street_address,
    phone_number, etc.

    Your default location is a plain-text string, something like : *San
    Francisco, Ca*

  Enable Y! Local search
    When adding a restaurant, ask Y! Local for entries macthing the name of
    the restaurant you are posting to

  Disable Y! Local search
    When adding a restaurant, do not ask Y! Local for entries macthing the
    name of the restaurant you are posting to Just post and get
    on with it.

     restobook says hello!
     Reading configs
     Testing your network connection
     Testing your del. login
     Fetching dates tagged with restobook
     Fetching posts tagged with restobook on 2006-07-21
     Fetching posts tagged with restobook on 2006-07-20
     Fetching posts tagged with restobook on 2006-07-18
     Fetching posts tagged with restobook on 2006-07-17
     Parsing 6 results
     Parsing data for Quince
     Trying to geocode 1701 Octavia @ Bush San Francisco CA 94109
     Parsing data for Bar Tartine
     Trying to geocode 561 Valencia San Francisco CA 94110
     Parsing data for Bacco
     Trying to geocode 737 Diamond @ 24th San Francisco CA 94114
     Parsing data for The Blue Plate Restaurant
     Trying to geocode 3218 Mission St. @ Valencia San Francisco, Ca. 94110
     Parsing data for La Ciccia
     Trying to geocode 291 30th @ Church San Francisco CA 94131
     Parsing data for Schroeder's German Restaurant
     Trying to geocode 240 Front St San Francisco, CA 94111

     # At this point, the application actually starts to store
     # the restaurants in your address book. When run in debug
     # (emulation) mode on the desktop it dumps restaurant data
     # to the screen...

     Quince (dump) :
     phone_number : 415 775 8500
     city : San Francisco
     geopostion : 37.788026, -122.427107
     tags : french italian resto restobook sf tryme
     country : Us (map) ( (homepage) (yelp)
     hours : M-H 17H30-22H00 / F-Su 17H00-22H00
     state : Ca
     postal_code : 94109-4326
     company_name : Quince
     street_address : 1701 Octavia St

     # And so on

     All done! Mange! Mange!!

    You will need to install the PDIS XPath and ElementTree libraries.

    This script will not yet work with Series 60 Python 3rd Edition because
    of Nokia's insane decision to burden individual scripts with the same
    security model as the interpreter itself.







    $Date: 2006/09/13 03:05:01 $

    Aaron Straup Cope

    Copyright (c) 2006 Aaron Straup Cope. Perl Artistic License.