Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland - base class for UserLand Blogger API engines


 It's very dark in here because this is a black box.


This package inherits Net::Blogger::Engine::Base and implements shared methods for the UserLand Manila and RadioUserland XML-RPC servers.

This package should not be called directly. It is a base class used by Net::Blogger::Engine::Manila and Net::Blogger::Engine::Radio



Releases prior to Net::Blogger 0.85 accepted a list of arguments rather than a reference. Version 0.85+ are backwards compatible.


Get/set the URI of the Manila->Blogger proxy.

If no proxy is explicitly defined then the method determines the hostname for the Manila server using the current blogid.

 "Just to clarify, the URI is /RPC2, even if your blogid (homepage url) is 
  a sub-site url, like It's never something 
  like /mysite/RPC2."
    --Jake Savin (Userland)


Returns true. Manila does not require a Blogger API key, but specifies something (anything) all the same.


Get/Set the current blog id.

Ensures that the blogid contains a trailing slash, without which the Frontier engine freaks out.


By default, returns undef. In other words, there is no max post length for Manila.

 "As far as I know there is no max length for a post, certainly nothing you have 
  to enforce on your end."
   --Dave Winer (Userland)

metaWeblog API METHODS


Returns an object. Woot!




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